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Procedure the same for all products - (Procedure Not Negotiable)

JP54 Price: $53 Gross / $51 Net.

Spot: 2 million barrels.

Contract: 8 million barrels monthly.

Duration: 12 - 24 months.


1a.  Buyer supply their company Profile for Due Diligence.

1b.  Buyer issues ICPO with banking details to Seller along with Buyer's passport copy. 

2a. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI / for liftable quantity in storage tanks) to Buyer. Buyer signs and returns back the signed CI to Seller along with leased Tank Storage Agreement (TSA).

2b. Seller issues simultaneously with Commercial Invoice,  NCNDA/IMFPA /IBPO out to all intermediaries involved and Seller upon receipt of NCNDA/IMFPA /OBPO signed and returned copy to all intermediaries involved for record purposes. 

2c. Buyer show POF in form of either RWA/ BCL or PRE-ADVICE with an ATV directly to the seller so they can verify the capability, capacity and RWA.

3. Seller provide Buyer the following listed below Partial POP via email: 

a). Unconditional/Operative Dip Test Authorization (DTA) 

b).  Tank Storage Receipt (TSR in Rotterdam) 

c). Tank Storage Agreement (TSA in Rotterdam)

d). Authorization To Sell (ATS) 

e). Injection Report 

f). Product Passport 

g). Certificate of Origin 

h). Export License Certificate 

i). Statement of Product Availability. 

j). Commitment to supply 

k).  Authorization to Verify (ATV) the product in seller tanks in Rotterdam.  (GPS coordinates/ location of Seller tanks in Rotterdam including tank details, tank farm contact person and telephone number will be in the provided ATV and TSR). 

5. Upon verification and confirmation of PPOP docs and product availability, Buyer at it's own expense, conduct DIP Test at Seller’s tank at ROTTERDAM and after successful DIP Test,  Buyer will immediately provide TSR and ATV (Authority to Verify) to Seller to enable Seller commence injection of the Product into Buyer’s leased Tank in Rotterdam. 

6. Seller send the already signed NCNDA/IMFPA/IBPO to his bank for Seller/Seller's Bank signed/endorsed and notarized and forward copy to all intermediaries involved to lodge at their respective Banks. 

7. Seller inject the product into Buyer's leased tanks in Rotterdam and send the Full Injection Report to Buyer. 

8. Upon completion of injection of the product into Buyer's Storage Tanks in Rotterdam, Buyer make payment for the total value of the product via MT103 or T/T wire transfer and simultaneously seller issue to Buyer the Certificate of Ownership of the Product and all Exportation documents of the product. After Seller received pay-ment from Buyer, Seller pay/remit/transfer the commission of all intermediaries involved in the transaction within 24 hrs. as per agreed, signed and endorsed IMFPA. 

9. Buyer lift the product with its vessel tanker. 

10. The subsequent delivery for Annual Contract shall commence according to the terms and conditions of the contract, Seller issues CI for monthly shipment and repeat procedure / step #3 to #9. Buyer pays after dip test by MT 103 wire transfer on each monthly quantity. All intermediaries and involved in the transaction receive their commissions according to monthly deliveries as per signed and endorsed IMFPA


[Please note that price may change based on the international pricing and the supplying refinery]

D2 and D6 price and Volume available on request.

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