About DMOG

Diamond Oil and Gas (a.k.a DMOG) have vast interests and experience in the trade of petroleum products and BLCO. Our aim is to become one of the major commodity trading companies in the UK. 

DMOG sells and delivers high-quality petroleum and natural gas products that enrich the lives of our customers and help fuel the world’s economy. 

We specialize in distribution and marketing. We engage in the purchase, sales and also facilitating of BLCO and other finished petroleum products, mostly on annual contracts, to refineries, end-buyers, commodity traders (trade-desk) and investors. 

The majority of our oil & fuel is sourced directly from Russian, African and Middle East refineries. Commodities are mainly sourced at mines in Indonesia and Africa. Our primary export markets are Europe, the United States, and South East Asia, with China and India as growing markets.     

The world petroleum market attracts many dubious characters who are out to make a deal. We have had our share of experiences with them, and we are sure you have as well. 

If you required crude oil and petroleum products, you have come to the right place.   We also trade and facilitate transactions involving the following commodities:   

Gold Dust and Bars Gold 
Rough Diamond 
Salt And Drilling Chemicals for Oil Well Drilling Companies