Our attention has been drawn to a fake write-up of a disgruntled, time waster, non-performer, scammer and extortioner self-glorified fake persons and company claiming to be a US-based, named Houston Energy & Financing. 

Under normal circumstances, we would have ignored these empty noise makers but in order to allow everyone to know the truth of the matter, we are putting the record straight right here.

 This fake time waster scammer outfit is purportedly owned by one Bill Michael Perkins and collaborated with one Viktoria Justin Smirnova who claimed to be the legal officer of this marauders parading as fuel seller without any credible product availability.  (Please note that this FAKE SCAMMER BILL MICHAEL PERKINS OF HOUSTON ENERGY AND FINANCING IS NOT THE SAME PERSON AS THE POPULAR US BILL WILLIAM O. PERKINS II OR III, THE FOOTBALLER AND OWNER OF SKYLAR CAPITAL. Scammer Bill MICHAEL Perkins is not related to Bill WILLIAM O. PERKINS II AND III)

1. A broker by name of Mr John Maximo from Spain, brought the product/procedure for Jet Fuel A1 directly to Dr Martins Batire in 2020. Our CEO, Dr Martins Batire, brought in his business partner, Mr Tim German, CEO of Bedford Capital Corporation (a reputable Fuel Buyer and business partner based in Canada) to try and purchase the advised product. 

2. The procedure required Bedford Capital Corporation's United States Houston-based attorney to come to the acclaimed Seller’s office in Houston to collect Full POP for verification after Commercial Invoice was executed. 

NOTE: It must be understood that Dr Martins Batire and Diamond Oil and Gas were NOT the buyer of product on record. At best Dr Martins Batire was the representative of the buyer Mr Tim German, CEO of Bedford Capital who signed the Commercial Invoice as the Buyer. Also, it must be understood that neither Dr Martins Batire nor Diamond Oil and Gas has any access to any purported POP of the scammer-seller - Houston Energy & Financing. All the fake worthless documents were handed over directly to Bedford Capital US Houston-based attorney who in turn passed them over to their client - Bedford Capital Corporation

Via: Dr. Martins Batire, Ph.D - Attorney (Buyer Representative)/


3. Bedford Capital Corporation's US Houston-based attorney, was paid and instructed to attend the provided office address given by fake Houston Energy & Capital. The Buyers US Houston-based attorney advised as follows after his return from the time-wasted journey: 

A. That Houston Energy & Financing has no office base and the address they gave, which he attended was a virtual office with no staff, contrary to the assertion and false impression created by fake Houston Energy & Financing. 

B. That on arrival, after wasting several hours waiting around the building and nobody was available to deliver the promised POP, a lady eventually turned up. The lady advised that she does not work for Houston Energy & Financing but instead as a family member of the fraudulent Bill Micheal Perkins, she was just helping out to drop the documents off to Bedford Capital Corporation's US Houston-based Attorney. The lady also confirmed her day job as a school teacher. 

4. Mr Tim German of Bedford Capital Corporation received from their US Houston-based attorney, totally fake and scam documents with no bearing or close resemblance to product POP as promised by fake Houston Energy & Financing. In fact, the documents received required Bedford Capital Corporation to provide their sensitive information instead of full POP. Bedford Capital Corporation's US Houston-based attorney advised that Houston Energy & Capital are FAKE AND SCAMMERS in the attorney's professional opinion and that they (Scammers Bill Micheal Perkins, Viktoria Justin Smirnova/Houston Energy & Financing) have no product to sell and that their client (Bedford Capital) Corporation should desist from further communication with the scammers.

5. It must be noted that before the instructing and attendance of the Buyer’s US Houston-based attorney, the Buyer’s two-tank storage agreement (TSA) with two reputable tank farms was claimed to be accepted to this fake Houston Energy & Financing, consequently their reason for asking the Buyer's attorney to attend to collect POP. 

 6. When Mr German of Bedford Capital Corporation made enquiries to the fake Houston Energy & Financing as to why no POP was given to their US Houston-based attorney as per the agreed procedure in the signed Commercial Invoice, Fake Bill Micheal Perkins and Viktoria Justin Smirnova doubled down that if Bedford Capital Corporation needed the POP, they must now send representatives to Rotterdam for a face to face meeting at their (Fake Houston Energy & Financing) tank farm office. This was not part of the procedure.

7. Bedford Capital again arranged for their agents in Rotterdam to attend the scheduled meeting, but before the day, Scammers Bill Michael Perkins and Viktoria Justin Smirnova of the Fake Houston Energy & Financing reached out to Mr Tim German changing the procedure again. First, they suddenly rejected TSA that they have previously accepted with no concrete justification and they now wanted Bedford Capital Corporation to provide another TSA. Bedford Capital Corporation provided the 3rd TSA which they claimed was acceptable. All of a sudden, another surprise was launched at us, they wanted the meeting shifted to Bedford Capital Corporation's Tank Farm's office instead of their own tank farm at the last minute and on very short notice, again no justified or reasonable explanation was given as to why.  They were so nasty, brash and dictatorial, a total scammer behaviour.

8. Mr Tim German of Bedford Capital Corporation, advised Scammer Bill Michael Perkins that he does not have control over the tank farm office, however, he will ask his tank farm if they will facilitate the meeting. Given the lockdown policy in 2020 due to Covid worldwide shutdown, the Buyer’s tank farm rejected the idea on Health and Safety grounds. Buyer’s tank farm management has a no meeting policy until the Covid is officially over. 

9. The scammers - Bill Michael Perkins and Viktoria Justin Smirnova reply were that the deal is off unless and except Bedford Capital Corporation prevailed upon their tank farm to facilitate the face-to-face meeting at their office. 

 10. The next we know was Scammer Bill Michael Perkins of the fake Houston Energy & Financing called Mr Tim German of Bedford Capital Corporation and threatened him that unless he sent him $50 thousand USD, he (Bill Michael Perkins) knows where Mr Tim German lives in Canada with his family and he will sort him out. These threats roughened Mr Tim German and our Dr Martins Batire had to advise Mr Tim German to take all security precautions and report the threats to the Canadian police authority. 

11. At this point our Dr Martins Batire advised Mr Tim German (his partner) to terminate the fake transaction on the ground of inconsistencies of the fake seller and several changes of procedure.  Acting on instruction of Mr Tim German of Bedford Capital Corporation, our Dr Martins Batire, wrote a Termination, Cease and Desist letter to the scammers - Houston Energy & Financing. 

 Scammers Bill Micheal Perkins/Viktoria Justin Smirnova and their fraudulent Houston Energy & financing joker brokers scammers outfits have no good reputation anywhere. All people that have been their victims has several negative stories to tell. Bedford Capital Corporation's enquiries to Rotterdam Port Authority confirm that these jokers' scammers are unknown to the authority as real and credible. These criminals are non-performers, fraudulent scammers and extortionate fraudsters. They claimed they have an office in Houston but that was a pure lie. They claimed they have their legal department office inside Rotterdam Port, how strange! They claimed Viktoria Justin Smirnova is their legal officer based in Rotterdam Port, a total fabrication, Viktoria is never a trained lawyer and has never come close to any legal matters, these are mere touts parading the great space of fuel business and having a website with undisclosed information of ownership and address, gave them some voice to the World Wide Web. 

Bill Michael Perkins is an extortionist and a scammer of all sorts. 

As of further frivolities detailed in their write-up, we shall not give credence by spending valuable time on it, but these we shall say: 

The unfounded accusations of Dr Martins Batire and Diamond Oil and Gas being Nigerian scammers are frivolous, and stupid and should be disregarded. These are vomits from disgruntled elements who wish to go on personal vendettas. There are great and good people from Nigeria all over the world and we are proud of them. 

Dr Martins Batire is a United Kingdom Citizen, a UK lawyer with full residence in the UK for several decades. He is also a Clergyman with the fear of God, known by his business partners for integrity, sincerity, fairness and equity. He has never scammed or defrauded anyone in any of his business dealings. Dr Martins Batire and Diamond Oil and Gas have had our fair share of losing money to scammers in Rotterdam in the past. Apart from trading in fuel in Rotterdam and Houston, we have no dealings with any negative reports from respectable client business partners of ours or anyone that has done business with us. Our online records speak for themselves - immaculate.  

All the emotional outbursts and baseless allegations of scammer Bill Michael Perkins, Viktoria Justin Smirnova and Houston Energy & Financing were a result of the decisive action taken by Dr Martins Batire, stopping a dignified Buyer, Mr Tim German of Bedford Capital Corporation from being scammed by Bill Michael Perkins/ Viktoria Smirnova (also known as Mr Justin on number +31 6 35250715) and the fraudulent Houston Energy & Financing outfit. 

Finally, sensible readers should ask themselves a reasonable question which is this: 
if Dr Martins Batire and Diamond Oil and Gas were not the buyer of product and there were no records that they have access to any purported fake documents provided directly to the buyer (Bedford Capital Corporation) through the Buyer's US Houston-based attorney, again if Dr Martins Batire only reflected as Buyer's Legal Representative during the said transaction, how come Scammer Bill Michael Perkins/Viktoria Justin Smirnova did not mentioned Bedford Capital Corporation and Mr Tim German as the buyer they have issues with but instead published false and untrue information about Dr Martins Batire and Diamond Oil and Gas, it is because Dr Martins Batire intervention of ending the charade transaction of scammer Michael Perkins/Viktoria Justin Smirnova and fake Houston Energy & Financing really hurt them deeply, as it does not allow them to scam Mr Tim German and Bedford Capital, an innocent buyer that wanted to buy a product in good faith. 

DMOG Management